Second Phase of HYVE/Osram “LED-Emotionalize your light” Design Contest Starts

I just received a follow up email from HYVE regarding the “LED-Emotionalize your light” design contest. Here it is for any of my readers that have participated:

The second phase of the LED-Emotionalize your light! Idea Contest has started!

At this very moment the jury is selecting the 3 best ideas and designs out
of more than 500 contributions and the winners will then be announced on
Wednesday. The first phase has been a huge success with 505 ideas, 764
members, 6599 community evaluations and 2897 comments within 7 weeks and
still new ideas are submitted. Continue reading

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Dialux Videos

Using the website Truveo, I have found several Dialux-related videos from across the web.  I cannot watch many types of online videos from work so I cant tell you what they entail or what their quality is but it’s worth a look. Maybe one of my readers could comment back and let me know whats up with these? 😀 They didn’t look like tutorial videos (growns from the readers) but rather showcases of specific projects but I didn’t look at them all and again, I can’t view the videos themselves. 😦 Even if they are just showcase videos, it’s still cool to see Dialux in action!

Click here to checkout Dialux videos via Truveo


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HYVE Innovation Community in collaboration with OSRAM, are hosting an online idea and design competition

lightbulbFirst off, let me say that I am NOT posting this late. I did not get this until 25MAY09 but the contest runs until the end of July so you still have time. I am posting the email sent to me by HYVE regarding this really cool contest. I am considering entering and I hope all of you lighting designers out there do too. Come on! Strut your stuff – you might win something. If any of you do, please post back here or send me an email with images and an explanation (short) of your design – I would LOVE to post them here! 😀 Here is the email explaining the contest: Continue reading

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Smart LED Parking Lot Lights

UC Davis parking garage. Photo courtesy of Cree.

UC Davis parking garage. Photo courtesy of Cree.

Ruud Lighting/BetaLED along with the University of California at Davis have developed “smart” LED parking lot lights that reduce the energy consumption by 80% over the more traditional metal-halide lamps they replaced. The 50 LED light fixtures implement a two-level activity sensing system that dims the lights to half power when no motion is detected and then bring them back up to full power when motion is sensed.
Continue reading

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Submit your craziest, goofiest, or kookiest light fixture design pics

Here’s an idea. I am really interested to see what any of the light fixture designers of the world have come up with for really far out light fixtures, maybe while they were in design school or something. Don’t worry, I’m not going to swipe the designs or anything – indeed the weirder the better so these aren’t likely to be active designs with patents or anything. I’m sure you have come up with some kooky designs so lets see them! Please comment with links to pictures you have up on the web already or email them to me by clicking here (gif, png, jpg) Don’t be shy!

Maybe once we have a bunch, I’ll host a poll to get your opinion on which is the kookiest or most likely to make a real product (maybe with a prize or something…shhh). 8)

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Announcing the Sketchup Graphics Blog!

I would like to inform all my readers that I have a new blog, the Sketchup Graphics Blog, that is about all things Sketchup. I have taken the Sketchup related posts from here and copied them over to the new blog. will feature the latest news about Google Skethcup, Sketchup plugins, Sketchup tutorials, and more. Please check it out and let me know what you think! 😀

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DIALux now has an official support board

Mr. Willi Bremecker, the Team Leader for Sales at DIAL – makers of DIALux – has informed me that there is now an official DIALux forum on their website! Hooorayy!!!! 8) While I don’t want to chase traffic away from my blog, as a community leader and a believer in community support, I wholeheartedly recommend everyone register on the forum and contribute your knowledge there, as well as here, in an effort to make DIALux as good as it can be or better. Free programs like this need a chain of quality support sites to help the product develop and grow and to assist the community at large with using a program we all know and love. Kudos to DIAL for taking the next step and I hope to see some first class community support at the forum (but don’t stop contributing here either 😉 ) LOL


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Architectural Lighting Blog wins award…sort of…

I got tired of not having awards so I did what I think ALL blog writers SHOULD do….give themselves an award. So I came up with the Self-Awarded Blog Award for 2008 and gave it to the Architectural Lighting Blog. It was a tough choice….it came down to several good finalists but in the end, my desire for shameless self promotion overtook the other competitors leaving the Architectural Lighting Blog with the crown! LOL 😀

So here it is….the winner of the 2008 Self-Awarded Blog Awards…..the Architectural Lighting Blog! Boy am I getting punchy or what?

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FREE Commercial Building Lighting Web Tool

The Department of Energy (DOE) has developed an interactive web tool called Commercial Lighting Solutions (CLS) intended to provide “how to” advice about ways to improve interior lighting efficiency and reduce energy consumption for a potential savings of 30% or more in commercial buildings.

The design guidance provided by the web tool will be available free of charge! How cool is that? 8)

The web tool that provides energy savings projections to users based on their choices.

CLS gathers information from users on building type and space description, then allows the user to select their preferred lighting solution, which include performance specifications for lighting equipment and controls, design layouts, and supporting documentation. Also included is detailed technical information aimed at architects and engineers.

CLS will also link users to participating utilities, where applicable, to access rebates and incentives.

A project of the Building Technologies Program at the DOE, the CLS team is currently gathering feedback while the CLS tool is in beta and making changes based on the feedback they are getting from it’s users.

Commercial Lighting Solutions have currently been developed and analyzed for five macro-types of retail stores with more on the way:

  • Big box
  • Small box
  • Grocery
  • Specialty market
  • Pharmacy

Designed to meet or exceed the savings levels to qualify for Energy Policy Act tax incentives, the solutions are being developed in conjunction with an update to the Advanced Lighting Guidelines.

When it is ready, users of the Commercial Lighting Solutions web site often will have a choice of several design vignettes and lighting control strategies that suit parameters they input for their project.

A solution can be implemented as shown, or it an be used as a starting point for a design that is refined to serve particular corporate branding, architectural or business objectives.

Modeled results for each solution included on the web site must show decreased energy consumption of 30% or greater below a baseline design. Some of the solutions have achieved modeled savings of 50% or more!

Click here to check out the FREE Commercial Lighting Solutions Beta Tool

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Another New DIALux Plugin

Hess has introduced a large DIALux plugin with over 2200 luminaires and variations! Kewl 8) They have mimicked their website’s navigation in the plugin’s user interface which should make for easy browsing.

Click here to shoot off to their website to pickup the plugin.

Let me know how it goes! 🙂


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