Here are some 3D images of LED architectural lighting fixture concepts I have done over the years – some are under-cabinet, some are case lights, and still others are wall washer/spot lights. All were modeled in Google Sketchup Pro and were exported to Kerkythea for rendering via the free Sketchup plugin SU2KT. Some were post-processed in Adobe Illustrator for artistic effect or adding callouts etc… Let me know what you think.

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  1. Hans Perlich says:

    Led is in its infancy at this point for parking lot lighting and larger applications. I need to be dealing with reliable sources of this type of high efficiency lighting for a high teck QSR restaurant parking lot soon to be under construction.


    • Stephanie R says:

      I would be happy to provide you with information regarding Exterior LED lighting. There is a replacment self-contained head that replaces a 400watt metal halide fixture with LED. I can price you one or 1000. Also have T8 120v 277v 220v LED “Flourecent light fixtures” of different sizes. I import from China so it can take a little time for shipping and customs clearance,

      Stephanie R
      Memphis Sign Company
      1 901 463 8960 CST

  2. Vikram says:


  3. I like your design concepts, they look very nice and modern.

    Stephanie R

  4. naid says:

    absorbing and be st design.

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  7. I like your design concepts

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