About me

My name is Craig Bickford and I worked 12 years for a small, high-tech manufacturing company that specializes in light sources such as LEDs, LED modules, and small lamps for consumer and commercial use as well as precision light measurement equipment. I was, for about 7 years, the Technical Support Engineer for a light measurement instrumentation manufacturer and over that time period I acquired a fundamental understanding of light and light measurement and was responsible for technical support as well as sales and applications engineering. That company merged with it’s sister company – a small technical lighting company in 2006. Over the time period that followed the merge up to my departure I worked closely with the applications engineers in the technical lighting division both in a sales and engineering support role but also functioned as the company’s multimedia and web developer for the company.

That experience afforded me the opportunity to constantly discuss lighting and light measurement developments of the entire industry.

Please keep in mind however, that the opinions expressed on this blog are those of the author and/or other contributers/commenters and not those of any particular company or entity.

Thanks for Reading - Craig B - The Architectural Lighting Blog