Call to action – Give Me Your Architectural Lighting Finest!

Jeesh! Does nothing interesting happen in the world of architectural lighting these days? I keep patrolling the web for interesting stories on any topic remotely related and I keep coming up with old stuff. You go to all of the major online architectural lighting websites and their news and/or projects posts are months or even years old!

Does anybody have any interesting, innovative, creative, or fun architectural lighting news, stories, projects, products etc…? I’d be really interested to hear about them. Use the contact form or comment to this post.

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10 Responses to Call to action – Give Me Your Architectural Lighting Finest!

  1. carl says:

    These are quite pretty

    Not long now until every city in the world looks like vegas!

  2. David says:

    Here is a recent project Lumicrest recently did in Eastern Ontario, Canada to replace all the 75 watt halogen PAR30 lamps with LED PAR30s and PAR20s LED art gallery lighting Total power consumption was reduced from about 3,000 watts to only 320 watts. The interesting thing is that after the lighting retrofit, the gallery lighting actually looks better, and the artists say the artwork itself looks more vibrant and clear. Because the LED lighting is highly directional, there is also much less glare in the viewers eyes, and spill onto the surrounding walls. A couple of other bonuses are that there is no UV light to harm the artwork, and there is much less heat generated by the lights. Now, just because there is no UV doesn’t mean the art cannot fade, all light will cause some degradation over time. The worst thing about UV is that it contributes no useful, visible light, so the only thing it does is cause harm. Regarding heat: some people will say that LED lights do not produce heat, which is not entirely true. LED lights produce virtually no heat in the light beam, but they do emanate some heat out the heat sink fins in the back and sides of the light. Because LEDs are “solid state” like computer chips, they need to be kept cool for optimum performance and lifespan.

  3. Harold Lehr says:

    I think you’ll find that Spot on Lighting is doing something new and interesting for the world of architectural lighting by improving the way fixtures are mounted on outlet boxes.
    They developed a standard system that reduces an outlet box’s opening to less then 2 inches, that is flush and has no visible canopy or hardware.
    It gives architects and designers the possibility of creating totally clean and pristine installations in drywall, mirror, concrete and tile.
    Models are available for any cable, cord, stem and screw mounted fixture as well as monopoints and a few of their own fixtures.
    All UL listed and first coming to market this year.

  4. elliottequipmentcompany says:

    We’ve seen a significant uptick in commercial lighting business, as indicated by an increase in our truck-mounted aerial work platform sales. We recently designed one of the most efficient, intuitive, and clean cut aerial work platforms in the industry. Our V60F HiReach is a smooth designed system, on a non-CDL chassis, with 60′ of vertical reach and a sleek design.

    This unit is VERY popular in the lighting industry. If you’d like to read more, check out this page on our site. Elliott Equipment V60F

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  6. Ever Foucus says:

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