Tsunami Glassworks Creates Stylish, Edgy Lighting Fixtures

Tsunami Glassworks Hypervoxel Sculptural Chandelier

Hypervoxel is a free blown glass sculptural chandelier available in custom colors and sizes.

I stumbled onto the Tsunami Glassworks website and was very impressed with their lines of hand-blown glass sculpture and lighting fixtures. You have to check them out – their designs are modern, artistic pieces that showcase clean, simple shapes – perfect for use in commercial or industrial applications – thinking conference rooms, entrance lobbies, show booths, etc…  and even residential installations!
I’d love to see some installations from any of my readers out their if they have any! 🙂

Who is Tsunami Glassworks?

Founded in 2005 by Eva Milinkovic and Kriston Gene, Tsunami Glassworks was born out of the need for bright and edgy expression in the design industry. The company embraces simple, clean shapes, and tactile design. Tsunami is a unique resource for creative solutions in hand blown, cast and kiln formed glass serving both retailers and designers working in large and small scale hospitality, commercial and residential projects. Got a fabulous idea? The Tsunami team are always interested in new inspirations and collaborative work.

Check out the Tsunami Glassworks website!


Thanks for Reading - Craig B - The Architectural Lighting Blog

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1 Response to Tsunami Glassworks Creates Stylish, Edgy Lighting Fixtures

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow! It reminds me of those lava lamps I had in my bedroom as a kid. I can imagine them looking surreal in a lobby or reception area. Very effective.

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