LEDs Make Pedestrian Bridge More Interactive

Current3 Lodolights Exhibit by Virginia FolkstadArtist and sculptor Virginia Folkstad of Denver, Colorado chose to install colored RGB LED projectors and proximity sensors on the Wynkoop St. Railroad Bridge to make the normally quite mundane task of walking across the bridge more thought provoking and immersive. It was all part of the Lodolights event with the bridge exhibit called Cubed3. Due to the interactive nature of the display, the entire bridge becomes a kinetic sculpture. When at “rest” – i.e. nobody on the bridge – the bridge “breathes”
through the rhythmic back and forth cycling of red and blue LED projectors. Once a person steps onto the bridge, sensors trip causing the color patterns to change and move around while artist-designed gobos (“Go Betweens” or a slotted template placed in front of a light to change it’s projected shape) are projected for short bursts. One gobo in particular is a perspective railroad track which is a nod to the railroad’s very significant part in Denver’s development. As a person exits the bridge, the installation trips one last event to encourage people to turn and look back at the bridge. Kewl! 🙂 The Cubed3 installation interacts with groups differently than individuals in that the event timing is changed to give individuals or individual groups a more personalized experience.  A really neat installation from a goovy artist!

You can check out the full article with all of the pictures on Enlighter Magazine’s website here. I was a little disappointed with the lack of technical details about the installation in the article. Being of a technical lighting background I would really like to know some of the specifics – i.e. LEDs chosen, projector fixtures, controllers, software/firmware etc… but that’s just me.

Be sure to checkout all of Virginia Folkstads work on her website here.


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5 Responses to LEDs Make Pedestrian Bridge More Interactive

  1. I just received an email asking me to come to this page and answer some questions. Fun to read the review!

    My company was given the task of taking Virginia’s vision and making it a reality. Sorry to disappoint you with the technical information, but we kept it out of the article so we wouldn’t bog down the piece.

    We used Color Kinetics Color Blast Powercore units in combination with their AuxBox, Data Enabler and iPlayer3. All of the colored events were programmed using their Colorplay software. OdiLite exterior pattern projectors provided the projections at a very reasonable price. These were all tied together with a TECO programmable logic relay and I’ll have to keep the trip sensors a secret, because if I give it all away there’s no reason for someone to hire us in the future 🙂

    Nice blog.

    Gregg Mackell
    186 Lighting Design Group

    • craigbic says:

      Wow! I am impressed with how fast you came back with a response to my comment. I apologize – I didn’t mean to sound like I was disappointed with the article, quite to the contrary, I liked the article very much and was very impressed with Virginia’s exhibit and your work. I’m an egghead and a lot of my viewership comes from a technical background so we tend to like to see as much technical information as possible. I do totally understand however, why you chose to omit it for the Enlighter article and I, of course fully understand omitting certain “trade secrets” 😉 Thank you for commenting with some of the “juicy” technical bits we crave! 🙂 I was thinking Color Kinetics so I’m not surprised to see you went with them. Fantastic choice for this type of application – they are hard to beat! The use of the OdiLite projectors surprised me although I can see why after looking into it – that is a lot of projector for the price! Kudos to 186 Lighting Design Group and Virginia Folkstad for an exciting and colorful exhibit!

  2. Frank says:

    I like very much colored RGB LED lightning systems. They perform well and allow very aesthetic look. Colorful integrated RGB Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting may be incorporated easily in structures like those built into the walkway’s top chords and ramp, providing users with a safely lit path at night. I found the following link that illustrate well this possibility see – http://www.makeabridge.com/portfolio.php?id=142

  3. Carla Adler says:

    Wonderful. This is what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing.

  4. lightingever says:

    Can i call it Dream Bridge ? It make people feel in fairy tales .The designer is really romantic !

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