Calling all architectural lighting product manufacturers

By the way, if you work for a company that produces particularly innovative lighting products for architectural applications and would like me to possibly publish information about that product and your company, then please send me the information via the contact form. I’m not opening the flood gates for every company selling more of the same “blah-blah” Chinese LED fixtures to send me emails describing your company’s products in detail and all about how you can beat any price in America etc… I get enough of those crap emails now. No, what I am looking for is
companies, preferably smaller ones but that is open for review, that manufacture – not rebadge stuff -very unique, technically or aesthetically unique lighting products for architectural applications. Send me your product information and your contact information and I’ll review it. I’m not guaranteeing that I will publish it but if it meets me criteria above, then I will likely publish it and give you and your company some exposure. I get about 150 unique visitors a day give or take which is darn good for an Architectural Lighting themed blog.

Hey, if you really want to go all out – send me a sample product and I will give it a top-notch laboratory review including photos, luminous intensity measurements, color information etc… I will guarantee an unbiased, published review for anyone that sends a sample product for review. Hey, I’m not greedy either, I can sand samples back too. 🙂

Remember, I’m not looking for spam or to promote some manufacturer’s rep’s line card of cheap Chinese knockoff garbage but highly unique, innovative architectural lighting products. Send me the information via my contact form


Thanks for Reading - Craig B - The Architectural Lighting Blog

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3 Responses to Calling all architectural lighting product manufacturers

  1. Decor Girl says:

    Ha, your post has me laughing. “Chinese knockoff garbage”. Hee hee hee, I am an interior designer and just got back from NeoCon in Chicago and they were everywhere. The company I spoke to about Mr16 and Fluorescent tubes retrofit lamps were of course from China.

    I like your site. Great information!!!

    • craigbic says:


      Glad to hear you like the article and thought that was funny! I see it all the time either because of the blogs or through my working for International Light Technologies.

      Most of the retrofit stuff is going to come out of China but fortunately not ALL of it is bad – I’m not contradicting myself here because I said in the post “Cheap Chinese Garbage”. The real trick is weeding all of the CCG from the good stuff! lol

      Your the second interior designer in the last few months to contact me via the blog – I find that really interesting. I get my fair share of engineers, architects, and lighting designers but not too many interior designers, at least not that they tell me. I feel there is quite a bit of overlap between interior design and lighting design. Light is pretty darn important to interior design, I’d be very interested to hear your views on the subject – or anything related to lighting design really.

      By the way, I love your blog, your website and your work!

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