A final note on the LED Wall Washer Color Problem

Well, it’s been a long time since my last post – sorry. I thought I would start with an update on the project where my company corrected the color output of high power LEDs on linear array boards (used for wall washing applications) using colored ink-jet printed transparency film lenses (see post below). In the end, the customer came around to the use of the colored transparency lenses and we moved forward – there had been concern about the longevity of the ink, the material, and the reduction of the light level output of the LEDs (candela). Once implemented in the floor (aimed up at the walls) of the final customers resort casino, the light output levels and color of the LEDs were more than acceptable. The amount of labor involved in preliminary testing to determine the proper colors and opacities to use, printing the colored lenses on transparency film, cutting out round lenses, binning them by color and opacity, implementing the lenses on the LED boars, and final testing was still far less labor and a whole lot less costly than replacing entire boards or removing individual surface mounted LEDs and replacing them.


Thanks for Reading - Craig B - The Architectural Lighting Blog

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2 Responses to A final note on the LED Wall Washer Color Problem

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