New Architectural Lighting Blog Image Gallery!

Architectural spot/wall washer light housingJust a quick note to let you know that I have posted a gallery page (click the “gallery” tab at the top of the blog just under the header or click here) . Currently it contains a small collection of some of my 3D renders and sketches of concept LED-based architectural lighting fixtures.  I will add to it as I can. Let me know what you think! 😀


Thanks for Reading - Craig B - The Architectural Lighting Blog

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10 Responses to New Architectural Lighting Blog Image Gallery!

  1. Tim Brodt says:

    Pretty imaginative! Amazing what the mind comes up with when it comes to design. Very nice.

  2. Hi, my name is Jerome denis and I’m a regular reader of your articles.
    I represent a 3d and photographic production studio in Paris, France specialized in advertising print and recently focused on visual merchandising solutions using light simulation with 3d tools. I just wanted to ask you to have a look at our blog on It’s in french but will be translated soon in English.
    Hope you’ll find this interesting.


    Jerome Denis.

  3. Paul says:

    I think it looks great, Craig! Can’t wait to see more!

  4. Nick says:

    Yes it does, LED lights have really come into their own in terms of architectural lighting, and not just because of proper temperature control but also for green building policies.

  5. As a lighting designer and a small business owner of I wanted to comment on the importance of lighting quality as it relates to our children and adults. I believe we should strive for more efficient lighting solutions in schools but I do also have a concern that mandating changes too fast and the hype that surrounds this issue may result in the wrong implementation of lighting solutions and in sacrifices in light quality that I believe is so important to our well being. It takes time for new technologies to mature and to be fully understood by the professionals like lighting designers, electrical engineers, architects, interior designers and the public in general. It takes time to experience the new lighting solutions in order to implement them correctly into our schools, homes and other lighting projects.
    Caution needs to be practiced in banning traditional light sources and time needs to be given for the industry to transition so that our future does not look like those futuristic movies that show cold dark streets and spaces with blue green fluorescent or neon lights.
    Arie Louie

  6. I completely agree with Arie. There are to many lighting companies passing off garbage as quality LED product and who loses in the end? Both the consumer and honest lighting companies that are trying extremely hard to delivery quality in light. There needs to be a force for good that monitors the specifications of upcoming technologies.

    Traditional lighting is dying and solid state LED products are rising. what’s also rising is knockoff LED products that just wont last and do not deliver what is promised.

  7. Deb Van says:

    LED’s are the future, but they really need to be more affordable.

  8. Alex Heuvel says:

    Nice modern design. Hope to see more.

  9. jeniferjohn says:

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