Second Phase of HYVE/Osram “LED-Emotionalize your light” Design Contest Starts

I just received a follow up email from HYVE regarding the “LED-Emotionalize your light” design contest. Here it is for any of my readers that have participated:

The second phase of the LED-Emotionalize your light! Idea Contest has started!

At this very moment the jury is selecting the 3 best ideas and designs out
of more than 500 contributions and the winners will then be announced on
Wednesday. The first phase has been a huge success with 505 ideas, 764
members, 6599 community evaluations and 2897 comments within 7 weeks and
still new ideas are submitted. While the winning ideas are waiting for
their announcement the three most active community members have already
been chosen: Congratulations to howman, LED Head and Classic!

Contest Phase 2
The focus of the second contest phase will be on refinements and further
developments. The 10 most interesting ideas are selected by the jury and
the community is forced to advance these contributions by further designs,
applications or technical solutions. Phase 2 will be closed on July 20th,
2009 and two weeks later on August 4th, 2009 the 3 contributors of the
best improvements will be awarded. The best submission will receive
1.000€. The second prize will be 600€ and the third prize will be
400€. But keep in mind, the three most active community members will be
rewarded as well. You have the possibility to comment on ideas or
improvements, to evaluate them or to leave messages on

Social Networks
Beside the contest platform all participants and everyone who is
interested can join the LED-Emotionalize your light – Design Contest
group or the contest community on facebook. You have the chance to receive
the latest contest news on twitter and in case of questions contact the
contest team by sending an email to

We really appreciate your participation in Phase II of the contest. Become
a part of continuous success of creativity and open innovation by
reporting on the contest or forwarding this information to your creative

Thank you for your support


Thanks for Reading - Craig B - The Architectural Lighting Blog

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