Dialux Videos

Using the website Truveo, I have found several Dialux-related videos from across the web.  I cannot watch many types of online videos from work so I cant tell you what they entail or what their quality is but it’s worth a look. Maybe one of my readers could comment back and let me know whats up with these? 😀 They didn’t look like tutorial videos (growns from the readers) but rather showcases of specific projects but I didn’t look at them all and again, I can’t view the videos themselves. 😦 Even if they are just showcase videos, it’s still cool to see Dialux in action!

Click here to checkout Dialux videos via Truveo


Thanks for Reading - Craig B - The Architectural Lighting Blog

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2 Responses to Dialux Videos

  1. Qzjmovvk says:

    rXCeCx comment4 ,

  2. Kang says:

    it is espaniole! how can i understand it?

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