HYVE Innovation Community in collaboration with OSRAM, are hosting an online idea and design competition

lightbulbFirst off, let me say that I am NOT posting this late. I did not get this until 25MAY09 but the contest runs until the end of July so you still have time. I am posting the email sent to me by HYVE regarding this really cool contest. I am considering entering and I hope all of you lighting designers out there do too. Come on! Strut your stuff – you might win something. If any of you do, please post back here or send me an email with images and an explanation (short) of your design – I would LOVE to post them here! 😀 Here is the email explaining the contest:

We, the HYVE Innovation Community in collaboration with OSRAM, are going
to host an online idea and design competition in the beginning of May
until the end of July. The contest “LED – Emotionalize your light”
(www.LED-emotionalize.com) asks international light and design lovers to
share their ideas in the field of light designs using LED technology and
to create innovative and emotional mood light concepts. Moreover the
contest aims to generate feasible ideas for light solutions, which are on
the one hand easy to use and implement and on the other hand affordable
for everyone.

With the help of an easy to use submission procedure ideas can be
contributed, described with simple application scenarios and extended by
designs or technical solutions. Participants will not only have the
possibility to create their own Light design, but also to have it
discussed within the community. The community members can comment the
ideas of other participants as well as to evaluate or refine them.

The competition has already started and will run until the end of July
2009. Within the first phase new ideas and designs are collected and
discussed by the community. In the following second phase the best designs
and ideas are presented and jointly advanced by the community.

All participants of the competition have the chance to win valuable prizes
amounting to 7000€. The designs will be judged by a professional jury,
consisting of senior staff of OSRAM and selected professional
representatives. The selection considers community and expert evaluations
and will be based on creativity, innovation and emotionality of the
submitted ideas. Furthermore the most active community members in each
phase can receive valuable non-cash prizes.

The “LED – Emotionalize your light” Idea contest is supported by the
light producer OSRAM and the Siemens AG

The following link will guide you directly to the competition:

Really cool designs have been submitted up to now. For example Luminous
speaker, which can change their colour according to the music or luminous
chairs which might change their colour if it’s happy hour.

So check out the competition and if you find this competition exciting and
interesting, we would appreciate it if you could report on our contest in
your blog.

Thank you for your support.
So there you have it – get going already – I want to see what you guys and gals come up with. I’ll try to enter and post what I come up with too.  🙂


Thanks for Reading - Craig B - The Architectural Lighting Blog

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  1. Before selecting any lighting, get ALL the facts, man, about the properties of the technology. Then. discover the TOTAL cost (installation, maintenance, operation) for the first ten years of the system, to see if it is sustainable for as long as the mortgage lasts, or as needed.

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