Smart LED Parking Lot Lights

UC Davis parking garage. Photo courtesy of Cree.

UC Davis parking garage. Photo courtesy of Cree.

Ruud Lighting/BetaLED along with the University of California at Davis have developed “smart” LED parking lot lights that reduce the energy consumption by 80% over the more traditional metal-halide lamps they replaced. The 50 LED light fixtures implement a two-level activity sensing system that dims the lights to half power when no motion is detected and then bring them back up to full power when motion is sensed.
Along with conserving energy, drivers, pedestrians, lot attendents, and security personnel will now have visual ques to the presence of other drivers/pedestrians in the area. After two years of development and testing, the fixtures were installed in the UC Davis South Entry Parking Structure. The smart lighting system technology is being destributed via Cree’s LED University program. Very cool indeed! 🙂

Click here to read the full article from LED News


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9 Responses to Smart LED Parking Lot Lights

  1. We use LED a lot, but find its colour temperate and notch-like frequency reponse challening at times. The power benefits really are excellent though. People forget the cost savings on cable thickness as well.

  2. Pac-Vac says:

    I love this. We do sweeping at night and having lighting system like this makes for a much better result. No curbing is nice as well, but that’s a separate topic. Thanks for sharing!

  3. kal bhakta says:

    looking for parking lot led lights

    • craigbic says:

      My company is currently developing an LED Parking Lot light. I should have a preliminary cutsheet/datasheet within a week or so from our Product Development Manager. I will forward it to you as soon as I have it.

      • Travis Williams says:


        Please forward me your information about a parking lot lighting application. Thank you.

    • Travis Williams says:


      Please contact me with some details of your property and I can offer a few solutions. EMA is an energy efficiency company and would like to propose a lighting suggestion. Thank you.


  4. Jerrem says:

    great idea! hope it goes well. LEDs are so much nicer then regular globes.

  5. Stephen Dean says:

    LED SMD related products please check out our site, contact me if you have any question or inquiries

  6. Jannah Delfin says:

    Great post. I hope you can write more good stuff like this article.

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