DIALux now has an official support board

Mr. Willi Bremecker, the Team Leader for Sales at DIAL – makers of DIALux – has informed me that there is now an official DIALux forum on their website! Hooorayy!!!! 8) While I don’t want to chase traffic away from my blog, as a community leader and a believer in community support, I wholeheartedly recommend everyone register on the forum and contribute your knowledge there, as well as here, in an effort to make DIALux as good as it can be or better. Free programs like this need a chain of quality support sites to help the product develop and grow and to assist the community at large with using a program we all know and love. Kudos to DIAL for taking the next step and I hope to see some first class community support at the forum (but don’t stop contributing here either 😉 ) LOL


Thanks for Reading - Craig B - The Architectural Lighting Blog

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7 Responses to DIALux now has an official support board

  1. vijaymenon says:

    kindly send me a free dialux design software

  2. James Power says:

    How can I apply a luminaire saved to mt database to a room in a DIALux project??? I dont know how to do this, despite many attempts.

  3. C N P Liyanage says:

    I want to know how is calculated done illuminance quotient walls/working plane & ceilling/working plane according to the LG7 in your software.
    I would much very thank to you if you could email the result of my question.

    Thanking you.

    Yours faithfully,
    C N P Liyanage

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  5. Jaap Tevel says:

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  6. Robert.j.H says:

    I have been able to down load the GE and Osram catalqie into the plugin folder, but I can’t import it or use it to find the lamps I want to use. What must I do?

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