STICKY: DIAL is looking for you to make DIALux better

I really do apologize for the delay in posting to this blog, I have been involved in a blitz of graphic work, photoshoots, and catalog design for my company. 😆 I’m back now and I have a very interesting development for the DIAlux community. During my hiatus, I received an email from Willi Bremecker who is the Team Leader for Sales at DIAL which is the company that produces DIALux. He is asking me, and therefore you the DIALux community as a whole what type of DIALux tutorials we would want. How cool is that!?! 8) I think that this is a tremendous opportunity for us to contribute to a terrific free program that we all use and love so I am asking you now to think about what it is we want and to thoughtfully comment to this post for discussion which I will forward to Mr. Bremecker, hopefully for implementation. As Mr. Bremecker requests in his email, if there are features or lighting calculations that you feel are missing from the program, please comment on those too. Since the number one complaint about DIALux seems to be the lack of tutorials and/or documentation, now is the time for us to get it together and let them know how we feel and what needs to be done to make this the single best lighting calculations program out there.

I am posting Mr. Bremecker’s email to me:

Hello Craig,
my name is Willi Bremecker, I am the Team Leader Sales at DIAL and until
last year I was responsible for the DIALux development as the Team Leader
Software Development. So I read your article with great interest and I am
happy that you like our work. Also the reactions by your readers is
impressive. Of course I could help you with any help for all your
questions. For example the tutorials. What do you need ? Would you like to
have video tutorials or a document with pictures like “My first Project.
My second Project….”?

When we designed DIALux we tried to keep it as simple as possible. During
more than 10 years of development more and more wishes of users and
demands from the market were implemented. Because of this continuous
growth it is no longer as easy to use as it should. So a few years ago we
designed “The guide”. The Icon Bar on the right hand side of DIALux. You
can select what type of design you are going to make, for example interior
or exterior and than you follow the guide from the top to the bottom. Just
click on those Icons and DIALux enables you to do it. The other thing we
had and still have in mind is to keep the right mouse button the most
important feature of the software. If you want to do something with an
object, make a right click on it. The context menu offers those functions
which are available for that object.

The included manual and online help (F1) is describing all the available
functions but I can imagine it is not enough. So tell me, what type of
tutorials and what topics you want to be explained and I will check what I
can do. The next week there is the light and building fair in Frankfurt,
Germany. We will be present in Hall 3.0 booth A80. So for all the
interested guys, just drop in and check out for the latest version.

By the way. Is there anything you are missing for the american market? Any
diagram or value that has to be calculated? Just tell me about your needs.
We are thinking of going to the Lightfair in New York next year. Maybe we
have to prepare something for it.



Kudos to DIAL for looking to the community for feedback and we hope to get you some real positive, useful information real soon.


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21 Responses to STICKY: DIAL is looking for you to make DIALux better

  1. craigbic says:

    One question that came up in another post is (thanks Justin):

    How do you create your own custom light fixture from scratch?

  2. Albidan says:

    Quote: “How do you create your own custom light fixture from scratch?”
    What do you mean?

  3. Hugo Melgar says:

    Hi I just receibe an e-mail from Ezzat, and I think it was great to get into this blog an page, personally i have several questions about Dialux, I love this program, but I can´t get the renders that I want, I work the designs with details, but I haven’t find a computer to develop my render quaily…I don’t know if it is because the computer or I am not using the software propertly…if some one can help me, will be great, starting from this, the trees and palms are not allowed when you download the software, the lybraries are very limited and are not the better to present your final job…have some one send me more furniture to use?

    Thanks every one I hope all your projects come true, best regards.

  4. ezzatbaroudi says:

    Hi every body
    In DIALux 4.5 there is in the file menu /Import & Edit 3d modules
    you can use this feature to import 3ds files

    is a website where you can find lots of 3ds file free for download
    you can download them and import them into DIALux 4.5
    use the Category to filter out what you are looking for

  5. Hugo Melgar says:

    Hi every body!, first of all, Thak U very much Ezzat!, the web site is amazing, so, because of it, I Import some 3D models to my latest project, a 70 meters building with a large court with high palms and trees, every thing was just perfect, but when I start to run de calculating, the disaster!, Calculux was close near to finish the 100% of calculating, and, I couldn’t start the project again, just recovering the file…I had to remove the trees and palms to run the second option, this lead me to other question:

    I work with a PC, with Intel Core Duo 2.6 Ghz, 2 GB of memory, a ATI Saphire 1600 Pro video card with 516 MB dedicated…500 GB hard disk…I have machine to work, but Dialux is the only one program who fails…for me this is the most important program…this is my tool !, can some ane tell me wich one is the most recomended hardware to run propertly this program, I am quotating a MAC Pro with Nvidia GeForce 8600 GS video card, if I make that desition, and it doesn´t work I will lose $ 3.500.00 dollars! and I don´t want to lose that money!

    can any one help me !

  6. ezzatbaroudi says:

    Hi every body

    Hugo did you made the trees as a decoration object (right click by mouse and choose decoration object)
    try to minimize the No. of object
    if it is still not working try to run dialux with different mode

  7. Hugo Melgar says:

    HI Ezzat!, yes I tried with every available options!, but I have not tried reducing the No. of objetcs, I will try, if not I will run Dialux without the DirectX mode, but this will reduce the graphics quality, but you´re right I will try.

    Also, the Dialux is not configured to MAC OS system, so It is an option to make a partition on Ibook Pro Disk, run the two systems : the OS MAC and the XP, but is a great risk, also CAD doesn’t run on MAC…what a predicament !

    See U…

  8. craigbic says:

    It’s great to see some real participation here discussion DIALux! 🙂

    Sorry I have been away so long. I have been under a lot of stress to finish my companies light measurement instruments catalog to go to press and I report directly to the President so I’ve had to devote ALL my attention there. That project is winding down so I will be back to post on a regular basis very shortly.

    Thanks to everyone!


  9. Hugo Melgar says:

    HI every body!, I just tried to do what ezzat told me, my final conclusion is that some of the 3Ds are so heavy, that freeze my computer, I remove some 3Ds and run faster than ever!, for exmaple, the palms and trees that you sent me are great, and keep the details, but some other are imported to the project and appear without color ! just grey!, when you try to put some color to get a better visual effect, simply get the color that you select but all!, e.g.: for a car that you import it appears on grey color, but you want the shield on black, the tires on bleck the rest of the car on red, but you can’t paint it with colours ! if you select the red as the first, all the car will be red, the tires, the shield, the chassi, what ever!…not any 3Ds is ready for Dialux…or have to be some other way ! and I don´t know !

    See U, bye

  10. ezzatbaroudi says:

    I use simple 3DS, the lighting is more important than the objects

  11. The new blog in web area

  12. Hugo Melgar says:

    HI ! I change my 2 GB memory to 4 GB memory, and work much better, using as ezzat saids, must simple 3Ds as possible, I got my lesson with an industrial project where I want to use a very complex 3Ds figures, but it take around 1: 30 hours to calculate!

    Now I´m waiting for a Computer with a Intel core Quad 4 GB memory and a Quadro video card (Nvidia) wich is designed to run complex 3Ds and 3Ds design, in conclusion: the resources of your computer will help you to run better designs, with more beautifull renderings, so on this way, you can have bouth : the scientific lighting design and the view as you like to present to your customer.

    “love comes in to your heart by the eyes”

    see you soon friends!

  13. Hugo Melgar says:

    Hi every one! I hope every thimk goes well to you…

    I already have the Dell Precission M3600 with a graphic card Quadro 512 MB, it work well ! but I know it can be improve, have some one tell me which one is the 3D base program used by Dialux ?

    By the way…the 3Ds that right now I´m doing are much better! I can get better images and use more complex 3D figures but still get freeze some times; I hope it helps to every one.

    Kind regards

  14. hugo melgar says:

    Hi does any ione of you to tell me how can I make an Sphere on dialux?

    Thank you

  15. vlad says:

    I have manny problems with this software

  16. Seen your site via msn the other day and absolutely like it. Continue the truly great work.

  17. George says:

    Firstly i would like to compliment DIALux on a fantastic product.

    Out design studio (Spazio Lighting, Cape Town, South Africa) has recently converted from hardcore Oxytech Lightstar users to DIALux. We outgrew Lightstar 10 and needed a program to accommodate our designs and not restrict our creativity.

    We have found with Dialux we are not restricted, the layout is user-friendly and the program is so intuitive it is so refreshing.

    I spent a considerable amount of time trying to compare AGI32, Relux, Dialux and Lightstar to determine the best program to use. The best results i got was from Ezzat Boroudi on an article he did with “Dialux vs Relux”, which was the tipping point for us choosing Dialux. If there was a comparison chart on features or a article published on the same project designed on the same workstation and then the process and results doccumented and provided on the web. I think this type of information would be hugely beneficial to Dialux gathering more users.

    Being on the bottom of Africa i only can wish to attend a Dialux trainging corse, perhaps if there was an online facility where you could do tutorials and perhaps tests to be certified as a professional dialux user, that could be a great draw card.

    Currently i visit the dialux forum everyday picking up useful information, the responce times are quick from both users and dialux themselves. I suggest anyone who uses dialux needs to register there, asap.

    The LDT editor is very useful and i also use that on a daily basis. however it would be nice to combine the luminous area onto a 3d luminare model.

    What ever the Dialux team are doing please keep it up, i find the program an absolute joy to work with. The way the company operates is revolutionary and i think the more people find out about the program the more people will cross over to the platform.

  18. Kazem says:

    I too, would like to commend dialux on such a comprehensive software. My complaints are, all too predictably, that there is no good tutorial. Like George, being in Pakistan isn’t very convenient if I wanted to attend a DIALux workshop, so I, too, was hoping for an online tutorial of some sort, or an online course. Please deliver DIALux!

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