STICKY: DIALux Tutorial Anyone?

Still getting lots of traffic about DIALux and a lot of comments. Keep them coming, I and the rest of the DIALux community want to hear from you. Has anybody…..and I mean ANYBODY out there stumbled across a tutorial on using DIALux? Probably not but I thought I would ask anyway. Try Googling “dialux tutorial” with the quotes and see what you come up with. A big fat goose egg!

Anybody out there writing a DIALux tutorial or interested in writing one? I’d certainly be interested in, not only documenting and publicizing such an effort here on my blog, but helping out, i.e. contributing to such an effort. Please let me know.

Keep up the comments, we want to here from you even if it’s just to say “Hello! I use DIALux and I like it”.


Thanks for Reading - Craig B - The Architectural Lighting Blog

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56 Responses to STICKY: DIALux Tutorial Anyone?

  1. AH says:

    A project done with dialux

  2. Prabhat Barnwal says:

    I too tried but could not find a good DIALux tutorial. The tutorial which comes with the software is not good enough and lacks clarity as well as depth. DIALux tutorial should be at least , if not more, as interesting as the software. And I would like to contribute for any such initiative.

  3. jan cedric says:

    I need help on some dialux tutorials especially on downloading dwg or dxf files.. i am really interested to learn everything about dialux. Much appreciated and a million thanks if ever there would be a tutorial that would be so clear and easy to understand…..

    • Mohamed ravuthar ,LEED AP says:

      Please find below the steps for lighting simulation using DIALux for reference:

      Save exterior lighting plan in DXF
      Import DXF file in DIALux (Go to FILE then IMPORT)
      Set Ground Element (Plot Limit)
      Insert Ground Element for each block (office, warehouse, etc.)
      Click Insert Coordinates then OK to save
      Set the height for each block
      Select the Luminaires
      Insert the Luminaires and set the mounting height
      Insert Equipments (like canopies, etc)
      Insert Calculation Surfaces (use the function Help Line to set the calculation surface)
      Note: For LZ3, the calculation surface to be set is 15 feet (4.572 meters) beyond the site boundary

      Click Start Calculation (click All and use standard calculation)
      Go to Output Configuration to see the simulation results
      13. Export to PDF the following data for submission

      Luminaires (Layout Plan)
      3D Rendering
      False Color Rendering
      Luminaire Parts Sheet
      Value Chart (Footcandle Levels)

  4. gitalistia says:

    Dear all,i use dialux and i like it very much.i make some tutorial about dialux,but the tutorials are still in indonesia,i need time to translate you mind if i link your site into my site?thank u.

  5. Jubomara says:

    Dial Gmbh have several training programs with fees, which are going to be unremunerative if they make a good tutorial. That is why a good tutorial will never come from them.

  6. ebutuob says:

    check this
    it it done using DIALux 4.5
    can u believe it!

  7. Ayda says:

    Hi I have some questions about DIAlux, anybody there to help me?

    1, when I place the fittings, some of them stay blue and some change to grey. what is this for?

    2- I can not activate the one page report button for exterior design, is this normal?

  8. Hi,

    I represent a swedish company that holds courses in DIALux.

    We are starting up courses all around the globe, starting jan 2009.

    Our webpage is currently only in swedish but the english version is scheduled to be up and running in October.

    Feel free to contact me with questions at:

  9. swaminathan.s says:

    1. I have finished 1 project for exterior lighting in dialux.
    2. I don’t know how to take that result.
    3. what is calculation surface? what it mean?
    please explain me thankyou

    • Anil says:

      Calculation surface is like work plane, where you can calculate what lux level you are getting overall.

      you can see print preview to get the result of the same.


  10. Willi says:

    Hi to all DIALux users.
    We just finished the latest version of DIALux. It’s now version 4.6. The most important new feature is the sportslighting feature. The download is available at or There is also the version history giving a brief description of all new features.

  11. s.swaminathan says:


  12. craigbic says:

    Make sure your luminaires and light sources are properly setup or you have used luminaires and light sources from one of the many commercial Dialux catalogs. Run a report. Calculation surfaces are solid surfaces (ie walls, table surfaces, floors etc…) that light is falling onto that you are
    particularly interested in knowing the light distribution (uniformity) across those surfaces.If you have wall washers, then the calculation surface of particular interest to you is the wall the washers are aimed at. You will get a uniformity pattern telling you where the hot spots are, the light cutoffs, and dark spots are and what those levels are. You can
    use this information to compare to design and/or safety specs for compliance.

    I don’t have or know of a specific manual for exterior lighting.


  13. mohammed ravuthar says:

    For LEED SSc8: light pollution reduction for site boundary Foot-candle calculation. For this calculation I am using DIALUX 4.6 software. Is this possible to comply LEED SSc8.Becoz this software doesn’t show the site plan and outside boundary how much Foot candle. I have finished one of the project but I couldn’t find out the report for LEED submittal. I think Dialux software only for lighting design. Please kindly send me any software details for this calculation.

  14. Chris says:

    I’d love to find a good DiaLux tutorial anywhere on the web. I am just starting to learn how to use the software more effectively…

  15. Njordan says:

    There doesn’t seem to be any online.

    Would anyone pay for a tutorial?

  16. Ivan Kechina says:

    About Swedish company that allegedly holds courses.

    I send them couple of mails on abive written one, and from ther site. They haven’t answered.

  17. hamrah says: can i use DALI systems(Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) in my project?

  18. heber says:

    hey i’ve found your blog while POV was calculating a scene i’ve made in dialux. I like this program a lot, but i live in america and some plugin lighting companies aren’t avaliable here. since philips made genlyte of its own, i am just waiting for lightolier to release a dialux plugin. wouldn’t it be nice?
    dialux is good at representing isolated and regular locals but it ain’t do the trick with irregular shapes, exterior scenes or pathways. and POVray do not interact well with daylight witout some programming. but it’s still a great effort and it’s free!

  19. heber says:

    sorry I write twice on a day but I think that pdf tutorial that´s available in dialux site is just enough to start, but the very best tutorial is practice, practice, practice… patience, documentation and learning about some other similar programs… and sometimes, a close deadline for releasing a lighting project is the best teacher, surely I can tell!
    I’ve been using dialux about 2 years and some weeks ago I realized there’s a bumpmapping option for raytracing, that gives textures of your rendered images a good improvement! nothing professional, but the concept is common in other 3D modeling packages.

    • craigbic says:

      No problem. I quite agree with you on the lack of tutorials or documentation. I would write some if I had the time. Thank you for your comments! 🙂

  20. mohammed ravuthar says:

    i am using DIalux 4.6 version.its very useful software for LEED SSc8 Light pollution reduction.I am a LEED AP professional and lighting designer.

  21. Yushin Malaysia says:

    I am upset because lacked of good tutorial regarding dialux software. A good simple lighting software like this should be useful for lighting designers, interior designers etc.

    Dialux Gmbh should be more active to supplement growing users of this useful software. It is painful to start from scratch if u already know other 3ds rendering program like 3dsmax, maya or lightwave. I believe Dialux have enormous potential to be leading lighting designers tool craft because its simplicity and realistic lighting ies.

    Im still learning the curve of Dialux but sometime i just dont have time to start over and over again just to get some lighting result. It is really appreciated if Dialux programmer designer can supply the growing users with useful, upgraded info and technical support to enhance our fundamental understanding more about this very useful software.

    Thanks for listening…

    • craigbic says:

      I am upset because lacked of good tutorial regarding dialux software. A good simple lighting software like this should be useful for lighting designers, interior designers etc.

      I REALLY feel your pain. This is a complaint that MANY of us in the industry have had but on the flip-side, we can’t complain too much since this fantastic software is provided to us totally free. It would stink out loud if Dial decided to start charging $1199.99US which I think they could EASILY get for a product of this caliber for such a niche industry.

      Keep up the practice and please let us know how things progress for you – my readers would love to know. Thanks! 🙂

  22. ganesh says:

    if any body find material on dialux plz farward to this mail

  23. rasha hamdan says:

    I’d like to find a good DiaLux tutorial. I am just starting to learn how to use the software

  24. George says:

    Here is a the best tutorial i have found so far…its not in English, but is helpful to watch.

    • craigbic says:

      Thanks a lot George! I will have to check it at home as many of these video sites are blocked at work (doh! 😯 ) Maybe somebody will do a video tutorial in English?

      • George says:

        yes, we can hope so. Also here is my blog (, we are currently using Lightstar 10 from OXYtech to model our projects but am feeling out DIAlux to see the difference. Do you know of any websites that have a good lighting software comparison chart between Relux, Dialux, Agi32, Lightstar 4D…?

  25. Eric says:

    hi all,

    I am new to this software and would like to know some good steps to start. Anyone who can advice on a good tutorial apart from Dialux own?


  26. Ahay says:

    Shall like to have openion on Lighting design software.

    Any inputs, suggestions.

  27. Kazem says:

    hello all, i’ve recently been introduced to the field of lighting design, and have just started using DIALux 4.8. Now, since I’m new to field, there is a lot of stuff I do not understand. I’ve studied some of the basics light engineering and I can build a room and light it alright, but the technicalities still baffle me. And since there isn’t a particularly helpful guide to the software (apart from a user manual), I was hoping you could give me some pointers on how to interpret some of the stuff – particularly the single-sheet result output. The standard results that i generate consist of the room diagram with isolines and values in footcandles. That, among other things, I was hoping to discuss with a professional. And since I’m just entering this field of lighting design, and haven’t interacted with anybody from this field before, I need all the help i can get! I would appreciate it very much if someone took out a little time to guide me in lighting design, and answer the questions that i have. if anybody wants to email me, my address is Please reply!!

  28. Fitzer says:

    I have began using both dialux and relux, i find the model simulations in relux far superior to the ones dialux produces. Relux is more difficult and time consuming to use i feel. Dialux is quick and easy. I am going to set up a website soon, i was considering creating some basic tutorials. If i do i shall come back here and post a link.


  29. Fitzer says:

    To the author i hope you dont mind me posting this link but i will be putting up tutorials to help get people started in Dialux, they will be available at


  30. Ezzat Baroudi says:

    Dialux Tutorial_How to create a cove for cove lighting in DIALux on the following link

  31. apex says:

    Great idea. Some interesting tutorials are on youtube…

  32. Ezzat Baroudi says:

    A new Dialux Tutorial_2 How to make an offset and spacing for objects and luminaries

    • Kazem says:

      Sir, you are a saint! Thank you for the 2 tutorials so far, they are very helpful. Please keep uploading as at least I am relying on them for further guidance! Also i was hoping if someone could tell me the most suitable luminaire plugin for Industrial Lighting? There are just so many plugins and i’m not familiar with most of them and have to check each out individually, so if someone could tell me of a plugin for industrial lighting, i’d be most grateful.

  33. Ezzat Baroudi says:

    A new DIALux Tutorial 3
    Creating different RGB Color Changing Scenes

  34. Apex says:

    Hi, thanks for tip in comments.

  35. Vera says:

    Hello everyone. I’m a beginner too in DIALux and I started reading the manual and some tutorials that I found on the net. I love to work in Dialux and I’m enthusiastic that I can realise big projects with it. I hope that it’s not a problem posting here the link with some of the tutorials that I found.

    Re: Ezzat Baroudi, I admire your work very much and your tutorials help me a lot.

  36. Riaz says:

    Any one can help me to do tunnel lighting ?
    If any one have idea please i share with me…
    I hope you can help me for that…
    with thanks and regards

  37. Sean McCarthy says:

    I am new to Dialux 4.9 today and have been getting frustrated with not being able to adjust the length or angle of a line by being able to type in the length or angle. The length of the line and angle aren’t able to be changed by just typing in figures. It seems to be blocked. Is there an option to allow me to type in figures for length and angle. As it is soo frustrating trying to sort measurements just from co-ordinates

  38. Bobby says:

    Hi guys, I’m looking for online training of Dialux. If any of you guys are offering it or know someone that do, please send me the details (training plan, cost, etc.) FYI.. Please consider the time difference UTC/GMT +8 hours is my timezone. contact me at thanks a lot

  39. ashvini Kaushik says:

    Dear Friends,
    I am marketing and sales guy , i wants to learn how to use dialux. Can anybody help me how i can learn this software by my own.
    Please help me

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