Company combines fiber optics and LED technology to create fiber optic fabric and luminious clothing

Let’s chock this next one up to architectural “accessories” lighting, perhaps? Whatever you want to call it, these were neat enough to mention here so make sure you go take a look at these, OK?

LumiGram SARL a French high tech fashion and design company started by the famous fashion designer Jacqueline has come up with a line of table clothes, sculpture, throw pillows, and among other things fashion tops that are all made out of or incorporate arrays of LED illuminated fiber optics creating a shimmery, colorful glow of light. Some are AC powered and others are battery operated (AC powered fashion tops are available as window displays). The table cloths, pillows, and sculptures could be of interest to an architectural lighting designer (perhaps even the clothing if they’re a particularly fashionable lighting designer 🙂 ) working on finishing upscale commercial venues or perhaps a private residence that wants that pulse-pounding dance floor look at night. Swaths of illuminated fiber optic fabric can be used as swags or tapestries.

Anyrate, these are all handmade items that are fun and highly unique and they incorporate two of my favorite things, fiber optics and LEDs. Definitely different. If any of my readers tries any of these, I’d be really interested in a picture or two. Kewl 8)

Click here to checkout the LumiGram SARL website


Thanks for Reading - Craig B - The Architectural Lighting Blog

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7 Responses to Company combines fiber optics and LED technology to create fiber optic fabric and luminious clothing

  1. Kc says:

    That is very cool!

    I found this on my travels and thought it may be of interest:


  2. sezerr says:

    Fiber Optic Cabling -Technical Support- Information Web Site – –

  3. chester.. says:

    please, reply post other technical source web sites

  4. Tim Brodt says:

    Very cool. Amazing foreground and background colors. Almost looks like it glows in the dark. Thank you.

  5. mary says:

    Awesome blog post!Mary

  6. Ed Arcilla says:


    would it be alright to ask how much the table cloth made of fiber optics and led would cost in the market? what are the dimensions of the product?


    Ed Arcilla

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