Gigantic Animated LED Rugby Ball

There’s a phrase I never thought I’d be saying in my lifetime. 🙂

Thanks to reader Walt Jacquemin for pointing out yet another fun and interesting use of LED technology as accent lighting or in this case as sculpture. In the past, a 13.5 by 9 foot rugby ball might have been made of stone or concrete or wire and flowers (think Rose Bowl float) or whatever. Now, thanks to LEDs we have a gigantic, fully animated rugby ball. How cool is that?!? This thing is covered with 2000 Barco LED light tiles that together along with sophisticated controllers and software combine to make what amounts to a Jumbotron rolled into a football shape (American football that is).

Fun stuff! Thanks Walt!

Click here to read the full story at LEDs Magazine

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9 Responses to Gigantic Animated LED Rugby Ball

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  2. Kc says:

    If you think that is cool- have you seen what is happening with the ball that drops in times square on new years this year? Now that is a masterpiece of programming. here’s a link:

  3. craigbic says:

    An engineer in the office told me about the ball. Very kewl!

  4. Lindyai says:

    favorited this one, bro

  5. in home theater, the use of led lighting is prevalent for star ceilings and for the use of stairway lighting I see the use of led rop lighting on the rise. LED is also being used to make televisions.

  6. Jerrem says:

    reminds me of Nam June Paik’s “The More the Bette” from 1988
    but I’m sure this uses a fraction of the power.

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  8. rgb leds says:

    Hi all, the pictures are amazing, its fantastic what can be done with leds for light shows. The range of uses are huge, large or small, any size really. The possibilities are only limited by our imaginations. Thanks for posting the info, its great to these achievements.

  9. The positive comments and do well wishes are very motivational and greatly appreciated.

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