Cree XLamps to Illuminate Worlds Largest…um…Illuminated Cube

Ahhh!!! It’s a giant cubicle made of blue mutant DNA strings!! AHHH!!!!

Uh…sorry. I couldn’t resist. This blog is, of course, about architectural lighting so I will refrain from comment on the uh…Aqua Cube….no…the Water Block….nah… the Squishy Square….no…that’s not right..ah forget it! I’ll refrain from commenting on the um..stylish, yeah that’s it…stylish architecture and stick with the fact that this is a gigantic architectural installation of LED lighting. Lack of imaginative building design non-withstanding, the fact that over 400,000 Cree XLamps are being stuck all over the building is news-worthy in and of itself, especially if you’re Cree. The “bubble” designs on the outside of the building are created with giant translucent panels which will be illuminated by the XLamps. RGB color cycling will be used to shift the colors of the “bubbles” from their normal blue to other shades that will give the building a more “gigantic cubicle made of enormous blood drops or gigantic cubicle made of yellow toadstools” look. With over 400,000 XLamps, this aught to be the only swimming pool enclosure visible from Saturn. The architect’s brilliant, otherworldly cube-theme clearly is rumored to originate from Uranus.

Click here to read more about the use of Cree XLamp LEDs at the new Beijing National Aquatics Centre

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2 Responses to Cree XLamps to Illuminate Worlds Largest…um…Illuminated Cube

  1. david aloi says:

    Very good blog! Thanxs for contribuited for better lighting design and architecture.
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  2. craigbic says:

    Thank you for the kind words David and the link! I encourage any of my Portuguese readers to head on over!

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