Ultra-tough Recessed Solar LED Fixtures

Solar Cynergy has introduced a line of residential, commercial, and municipal-typesolarcynergy_logo.jpg solar-powered LED fixtures. Based on what I have seen, these things are really neat. They are self-contained modules that are designed to be recessed into floors, walls, walks, and streets. These high-quality Japanese fixtures are completely self-contained within a hard resin body for durable, environment-proof use . Each unit has a solar array that charges a pair of capacitive storage units that eliminates the need for battery replacement. According to Solar Cynergy, these things are tough enough for a tank to drive over them. I’d love to get some of these to run through some tests (minus the tank) because they look fantastic and would appear to be low to no-maintenance (perfect for lighting my parents front walk 🙂 ). They come in square, round, and rectangular and are available with a large choice of colored or white LEDs and colored or transparent lenses. I can see these getting a lot of use out on some of the darker highways and byways of the world (the south shore of Massachusetts comes to mind). These also come in flashing versions for hazard and safety marking. Maybe I’ll get some in for testing and if so will post the results here to let everyone know how they faired.

You can check out Solar Cynergy at http://www.solarcynergy.com

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3 Responses to Ultra-tough Recessed Solar LED Fixtures

  1. David says:

    You can find pricing for these really cool products on http://www.getwithgreen.com under the lighting section. They also talk about one other similar product from Australia!

  2. craigbic says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post the info and the link David! 🙂

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