Free Online Lighting Course Counts for Credit!

LIGHTOLIER Lessons in Lighting FREE Online Lighting Course. This course counts for credit. Free Online Lighting Credit CourseI just wanted to let everyone know that I took and past the excellent learning 2.0 type FREE online course called Lessons in Lighting which covers basic lighting fundamentals and is provided by Lightolier. This may sound “not serious” or perhaps the word “basic” is throwing you off well let me tell you, while these are lighting “fundamentals” this is far from basic. There are 24 online lessons (each has a quiz too) that take between 30 minutes to over an hour (depending on whether you like to take notes like I do) and they cover EVERYTHING about lamps, color temperature, CRI, efficacy, ballasts, luminaires, design for residential, commercial, and retail, and wayyyyy more. There is also a final exam which you must pass with a 75 or better to receive certification. I knew a fair amount about light and lighting but I learned a lot more taking this course. I highly recommend it for lighting pros that need a brush up. Well back to that “not serious” thing well this course counts towards continuing education credits for these professional organizations:

(ALA) American Lighting Association
(AIA) American Institute of Architects
(NCQLP) National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions
(NAILD) National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors, Inc.

Hah! Take that! Well just to show off a bit, here’s the front of the certificate they give you for passing the course and exam:

My Lessons In Lighting Certification Frontpage
Click thumbnail to view full size

Here is the back page:

My Lessons In Lighting Certification Backpage
Click thumbnail to vie full size

I highly recommend taking this course to anyone who works in or around lighting. You will learn a lot! 8)


Thanks for Reading - Craig B - The Architectural Lighting Blog

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23 Responses to Free Online Lighting Course Counts for Credit!

  1. I’ll have to check out the class. I’ll do anything for a certificate! Thanks for the tip.

  2. craigbic says:

    No problem Jennifer! Glad I could help! Good luck with the lessons. πŸ™‚

  3. Kc says:

    Very cool course. Alas the website won’t load today and my education has been halted 😦

  4. Mel says:

    Interesting online course. Anyone knows about any undergraduate degree in architecture lighting? I know Parsons have them as a graduate course.

  5. George Kourgiantakis says:

    first of all, congrats for this blog.
    This training is really worth.
    You maybe already know, osram has a course too….
    It is very helpful for all the people who wants to make a good start on learning about light. Maybe not so ”serious” as the Lightolier’s, but there is all the basics.
    learning is the key to be better and to understand the world. Osram gives a cetrificate too, but what you really learn is always the major target….

  6. Chitrangada says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone.

    But the website is not loading for some reason. Is this course still valid?

  7. Ahmad says:

    Dear craigbic, I wanna ask you about the certificate itself, they will send it by mail or e_mail, and it is recognized, actually I am in UAE, is it still applicable ?????????????????????????????????????

    • craigbic says:

      Dear craigbic, I wanna ask you about the certificate itself, they will send it by mail or e_mail, and it is recognized, actually I am in UAE, is it still applicable ?????????????????????????????????????

      The certificate is a PDF cert. that you may print yourself. It’s been awhile now so I don’t recall if there was an option to order a printed cert. from Lightolier. It’s an industry certificate. It carries weight only within the lighting industry – think of it as a competence certificate – it demonstrates an intermediate knowledge of lighting (both in general and more technical).

  8. mukesh says:

    Through this way we may improve energy efficiency and reduce the green house gases. Certificate is another advantage and knowledge builder.

  9. maryam says:

    thank you for your recommendation…it is really interesting, I saw OSRAM product training courses before and completed thos but these are much more helpful and are more completed I think.
    It is really worth try it once πŸ˜‰

  10. Akinnayajo andrew babatunde says:

    Hw cn i enrol nw cos i had love to start right away

  11. Abioro Samuel 0. says:

    I am facilitated by the comments and i which to be part of the course as soon as possible

  12. Leonardo Casco says:

    Thank you for the information. I followed the lead information and found the course at Lightolier’s web page.

  13. lighting says:

    At AMC we are all about value. Browse our top departments of Indoor Outdoor Lighting | Ceiling Fans | Chandeliers | Murry Feiss | Quoizel and save.

  14. NIZAR SALAM says:

    I’ve completed this witha score of 89%. I would like to take steps further. Could you please tell me the possibilities of utilising the certificate I got. Please reply.


  16. Were a number of volunteers in addition to opening a brand new plan in your online community. Your site provided us practical information so that you can art upon. You will have completed any solid task in addition to each of our whole town will probably be pleased back.

  17. Bettina says:

    Hi, I completed the LED part with a 100 score, but I’m not finding a link to a pdf certificate? Was it hidden somewhere? I’m planning on completing the basics part next.

    Thanks for any tips.

  18. ANTONELLA says:

    Where can I download the course, the link takes me to phillips page but not to the course. Someone please help I am very interested.

  19. jalen says:

    How to get started.

  20. Did you use Dialux evo for lighting Designing

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