Osram supplies LEDs for street lights, unveils new Dragon

…green clovers, blue stars, and now with NEW Golden Dragons….

For all you architectural lighting designers and engineers out there: Osram has released a new Golden Dragon LED which incorporates new oval shaped lenses (20 and 40 degree viewing angles) specifically for road and footpath lighting. Fitted into luminaires from Soltec, these solar-powered fixtures produce 60 lumens at 350 milliamps (typical efficacy of 54 lumens/watt).

Maybe when Osram releases an IES file for these things, I’ll fire’em up in DIALux and setup an example roadway lighting design simulation. We’ll just have to wait…….while your waiting, click here to read the whole story from LEDs Magazine.


Thanks for Reading - Craig B - The Architectural Lighting Blog

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3 Responses to Osram supplies LEDs for street lights, unveils new Dragon

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  2. Kc says:

    Have you just started this blog? There are no links to previous articles 😦 I wanted to read… … Liking the blog though

  3. craigbic says:

    I did just start this blog, I guess it shows. Sorry about that, my LED Development Blog, which is older and I have more time with, uses a different theme that includes a Previous Articles link at bottom so I never noticed that this theme does not. I have added an Article Archive to the sidebar which will give you access to all the articles. Thanks for pointing that out, I would never have noticed. 🙂

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