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Jeesh! Does nothing interesting happen in the world of architectural lighting these days? I keep patrolling the web for interesting stories on any topic remotely related and I keep coming up with old stuff. You go to all of the major online architectural lighting websites and their news and/or projects posts are months or even years old! Continue reading

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Tsunami Glassworks Creates Stylish, Edgy Lighting Fixtures

Tsunami Glassworks Hypervoxel Sculptural Chandelier

Hypervoxel is a free blown glass sculptural chandelier available in custom colors and sizes.

I stumbled onto the Tsunami Glassworks website and was very impressed with their lines of hand-blown glass sculpture and lighting fixtures. You have to check them out – their designs are modern, artistic pieces that showcase clean, simple shapes – perfect for use in commercial or industrial applications – thinking conference rooms, entrance lobbies, show booths, etc…  and even residential installations!
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LEDs Make Pedestrian Bridge More Interactive

Current3 Lodolights Exhibit by Virginia FolkstadArtist and sculptor Virginia Folkstad of Denver, Colorado chose to install colored RGB LED projectors and proximity sensors on the Wynkoop St. Railroad Bridge to make the normally quite mundane task of walking across the bridge more thought provoking and immersive. It was all part of the Lodolights event with the bridge exhibit called Cubed3. Due to the interactive nature of the display, the entire bridge becomes a kinetic sculpture. When at “rest” – i.e. nobody on the bridge – the bridge “breathes”
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Calling all architectural lighting product manufacturers

By the way, if you work for a company that produces particularly innovative lighting products for architectural applications and would like me to possibly publish information about that product and your company, then please send me the information via the contact form. I’m not opening the flood gates for every company selling more of the same “blah-blah” Chinese LED fixtures to send me emails describing your company’s products in detail and all about how you can beat any price in America etc… I get enough of those crap emails now. No, what I am looking for is
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Local Massachusetts Company Announces Partnership with ABS Lighting

Luminous Devices PhlatLight LogoBillerica, Mass. based Luminus Devices, expands into the transportation industry with the 1st highway/road fixture built with their PhlatLight® LEDs. Luminous Devices, announced its expansion into the transportation industry through a partnership with ABS Lighting. The company’s CSM-360 White PhlatLight LED is powering an energy-efficient, high brightness, LED light fixture manufactured for use on roadway underpasses and in highway tunnels. The fixture is ideal for roadway underpasses and tunnel installations because it lasts more than 60,000 hours, reducing the need to close roads or highways as frequently to replace the lights. Click here to read a full press release on the Luminous Devices website. Go Massachusetts! 😀


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A final note on the LED Wall Washer Color Problem

Well, it’s been a long time since my last post – sorry. I thought I would start with an update on the project where my company corrected the color output of high power LEDs on linear array boards (used for wall washing applications) using colored ink-jet printed transparency film lenses (see post below). In the end, the customer came around Continue reading

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Application Note: Easy Solution to LED Wall Washing Color Problem

WallWasher_Solution1Remember our color temperature drifting in our LED wall washing application note? No? Click here to read all about it Well, as you may recall we had 6 high power LEDs on a linear board to be installed either in a ceiling or in a floor along a wall. The LEDs were fitted with large 3/4-inch diameter can-type prismatic, directional diffusers. The problem was Continue reading

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New Architectural Lighting Blog Image Gallery!

Architectural spot/wall washer light housingJust a quick note to let you know that I have posted a gallery page (click the “gallery” tab at the top of the blog just under the header or click here) . Currently it contains a small collection of some of my 3D renders and sketches of concept LED-based architectural lighting fixtures.  I will add to it as I can. Let me know what you think! 😀


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Application note: LED Use in Wall Washing Applications

Multi-colored exterior wall washer lights. Courtesy

Multi-colored exterior wall washer lights. Courtesy

LEDs are quickly expanding into the world of architectural lighting into many specific applications once occupied by metal halide or tungsten halogen lamps (think MR16 sized) such as spot lighting, marker lighting (stairs, railings, doorways etc..), and wall washing. Its this last one that I want to talk about here – particularly the pitfall of color temperature as it applies to white LEDs.
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Clearing the attic

lightbulbWell, it’s been a looooonnnnnnggggg while since I posted anything. It’s been soooo hard with other commitments within the company and outside the company but I am still pushing forward – albeit a bit slow. 😦 Thank you for all of the comments lately, it’s really nice to see that many of my readers are participating.  🙂 I have been invited by a couple of blogs for link exchanging which is really cool 😀 and that is something I am always open too. If your blog relates to architectural lighting in a meaningful way, then I am totally open to that. One thing that I am not really open to Continue reading

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